Assam Second Flush

Packed delicately from the tips of the golden yellow end buds in each leaf, it is a rich and robust tea with a malty flavour. This is then complimented by a deeply satisfying double cream, which results in a brew that is guaranteed to leave you totally enamoured, no matter the occasion.

Darjeeling Loose Leaf

The ideal combination of first and second flush leaves, this hand-picked tea from the foothills of the Himalayas will leave you asking for more. It is expertly blended with a fragrant and delicate character that is likened to the Muscatel grape. No wonder this is considered as the champagne of teas.

Darjeeling Green Whole Leaf

One whiff of this select blend of un-oxidized leaves and your senses will embark on a journey. The clear, golden-yellow liquor tastes best when left unclouded by milk and each sip brings with it the mystical and enchanting taste of Darjeeling. Not to mention, it will leave your mind and body fully rejuvenated.