We all need our me moment. The moment when it is all about you. When you get to choose what you want to do. It is that moment where most of us would love to sit back & relish a cup of that perfect tea. The one that is perfect just for you!

Twinings, with it's 300 years of craftsmanship & expertise, has been passionately & diligently crafting blends & flavours that people love across the world. This time round, Twinings is absolutely delighted to present an all new range of premium green teas that will enrich your me-moment a little more. A range of green teas that actually taste good.

Indulge yourself with these exotic twists to the classic green tea!
Green tea Strawberry. Green Tea Cranberry. Green Tea Pomegranate. Green Tea Green Apple.
Try the new range & let yourself be enchanted with the aromas & the great taste. A truly refreshing green tea experience.
You deserve to make your me-moment a little extraordinary.

We’re happy to present to you, the same Twinings tea you love but in an all new packaging and design. Now, when you buy a Twinings tea pack you will notice that all black teas have a black tag, all green teas have a green tag and all infusions have white tags.

During our design process, we focused on building a premium, timeless and uplifting appearance for all our products. You will see that we have completely repackaged our tea in attractive, contemporary packs with an urban, stylish twist. We hope you like the refreshing new look!