Camomile and Maple Chicken Lettuce Wraps

21 September 2018
This summer enjoy our glorious Camomile and Maple Chicken Lettuce Wraps. These are a great addition to any summer party or event. They are even a great midday snack, one to really impress your friends and family with. One of the great things about these little beauties is that they are so easy to make.


Camomile and Maple Chicken

Qty Ingredients
2 Camomile Teabags
250g Chicken Breast
100ml  Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp. Tomato Puree
1 Tbsp. Vinegar
1 Tbsp. Garlic Powder 
1 Tbsp. Salt
1/2 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper
200ml Water

The Salad

Qty Ingredients
1 Red, Green and Yellow Pepper Diced
1/2  Pineapple Diced
1/2  Red Onion, Finely Diced
2 Little Gem Lettuce, Leaves Removed