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Twinings – a part of food major Associated British Foods (ABF), United Kingdom – is undisputedly a purveyor of the finest teas worldwide.

Established in the year 1706, Twinings entered the Indian market in the year 1997.
Benefits of tea drinking
It retains the body’s fluid balance by replenishing the daily fluid loss. Drinking tea in the afternoon retains the body’s balance and fully refreshes you all day long.
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A cup a day keeps the doctor away?
Besides tea's proven therapeutic benefits, a daily cup or two of tea contributes in many other ways to a healthy lifestyle. So the next time you want to do something good for your body, put on the kettle and pour yourself a cup of health and happiness.

Take a break - Tea time is the ultimate stress break, letting you stop, stretch and stimulate your senses. You'll return relaxed, refreshed and ready to face whatever comes your way.

Stay hydrated - The body needs 50 to 85 ounces of fluid each day, and tea is a great way to get your recommended daily allowance. Its potassium even helps to maintain the body's fluid balance.

Smile more - Tea is a natural source of fluoride, which helps make your teeth stronger. Studies have shown that people who regularly drink both black and/or green tea are less likely to have cavities. The flavonoids in tea also help stop plaque, which can prevent gum disease and reduce bad breath.

Combat free radicals - Tea is an ideal source of antioxidants, which naturally help protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can damage our cells and cause diseases.

Discover healing herbals - Naturally caffeine free and low in calories, these refreshing infusions of fruits, flowers or herbs can help you unwind, relax, revive, or detox.

1. Choose only the tea of high quality. Keep tea in a container with a lid. Do not store it with the items of strong odours.

2. Use clean water Boil fresh cold water. Do not use hot water or the water that has been boiled that has low oxygen because the tea will taste dull and dry. The high amount of oxygen in cold water will give excellent taste.

3. Make sure that the teapot is really clean. The tannin stains inside the teapot does not improve the taste of tea, but it gives a bitter taste. To remove such stains from the teapot, pour 2 teaspoonful of soda bicarbonate in the teapot containing boiling water, and leave it to stand for a few hours. Teapot should be cleaned every 4-6 weeks.

4. Warm up the teapot before making tea.
When the teapot is clean, pour warm water in it. Twirl it around and pour the water out. Now, the teapot will be warm enough to make tea.

5. Put tea leaves in the right quantity. To make tea, a “plus 1” formula should be applied. For example, to make tea for 2 persons, 3 teaspoonful/sachets of tea should be used. The additional 1 teaspoonful/sachet of tea will be absorbed by the teapot. Without the additional part the tea will be too weak.

6. Brewing time is vital The tea must be brewed in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, depending on the size of tealeaves. Large tealeaves require longer brewing time. If you want stronger tea, increase the amount of tealeaves, not the brewing time.

7. Twirl the teapot before serving To ensure smooth taste, twirl the teapot three times one way and another three times the other way round before serving.

8. Immediate serving After brewing, tea must be served immediately. Do not leave tea to stand longer than 10 minutes because its taste will change.

9. Wash teapot with cold water. Do not clean your teapot with washing machine or washing liquid.

10. Try your own special blends You can mix Earl Grey tea with other fruit flavoured black teas that you like to obtain the taste with distinctive characters of your own. The art of drinking tea has endless combinations.
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